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Vacuum and vessel sampling system

Liquid tank sampling system with externally coupled valves (gearbox) to take representative samples of liquids from reactors at vacuum conditions or fixed volume samples of fluids with low vapour pressure independent of process pressure. The Dopak system 32 samplers are … [Continue Reading]

Liquid sample recovery system

So, you’ve taken a chemical sample, its been analyzed by the laboratory, now what?  How to dispose of the sample in a way that is safe for the environment and safe for the operator.  Well, why not just return it … [Continue Reading]

liquid sample recovery system

Industrial sampling systems

Safe sampling in an industrial environment should be carried out as safely as possible. Dopak industrial sampling systems are proven over the decades to be the number one choice for safe closed loop sampling of hazardous liquids and gases. Some … [Continue Reading]

Industrial sampling systems

Sampling valves

Dopak sampling valves and systems are a standard choice for industry.  They give you a robust and accurate way to take samples of potentially hazardous liquids without emissions and without spills. Dopak sampling valves are used worldwide and are represented … [Continue Reading]

Low pressure chemical liquid sampling system

Pharmaceutical Liquid Sampling Systems

Pharmaceutical liquid sampling systems from Dopak are the best way to collect an emission free sample of a pharmaceutical liquid into an already sealed bottle, therefore by using the patented Dopak needle assembly the potentially hazardous liquid can pass into … [Continue Reading]

Top 20 Checklist For Selecting A Closed Loop Chemical Sampling System

Chemical sampling system design

If you have a sample station, sampling valve or sample point on your chemical plant which needs improving then you’re in the right place.  We have over 20 years experience in chemical sampling system design. Safe, representative sampling systems for … [Continue Reading]

sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company

Closed loop sampling system

Netherlands based closed loop sampling system experts Dopak are represented exclusively in the UK by Derwent James Ltd. A closed loop sampling system enables a chemical process plant operator to collect safe samples of potentially hazardous gas or liquid from … [Continue Reading]

sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company

Sampling valves from stock

Sampling valves from stock from Dopak. Dopak Sampling Systems for liquids, gases and liquefied gases are respected in the international chemical and petrochemical industries. Dopak closed vent samplers allow you to safely take samples of toxic, dangerous and volatile substances, … [Continue Reading]

sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company

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