Providing outstanding safety equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.
Because safety is a necessity, not a commodity

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Chemical sampling systems

We are proud to be the exclusive UK agent for Dopak sampling systems, the expert suppliers of hazardous chemical sampling systems. Dopak sampling systems for hazardous chemicals improve safety and reduce spills because they use the patented Dopak needle assembly. … [Continue Reading]

Who is the UK contact for Dopak

Lockout tagout equipment

Why does your company need outstanding lockout tagout equipment? Well, to safely isolate the machinery at your workplace you will require this equipment. We have an extensive range available, so we’ve got the solution, design and process that’s right for … [Continue Reading]

Machine guarding and Valve Interlocks

An interlock is a relatively simple solution that can vastly improve the safety on critical installations and our mechanical valve interlocks safely lock all sizes and types of installed valves.  Our standard interlocks are available to fit your existing valves … [Continue Reading]

High pressure valves 2018 product news

We are proud to provide pressure regulating valves, control valves and pressure relief valves designed and manufactured in the UK by Presreg Valves, and these are suitable for gas or liquid applications up to a huge 690 bar pressure. These … [Continue Reading]

Pressure regulator picture

Chemical resistant hoses 2018 product news

If you are transferring or moving chemicals, are you using the correct equipment? We provide chemical hoses by Elaflex, which are made in their factory in Germany and are lightweight, flexible, reliable and have a long service life. These can … [Continue Reading]

Chemical hose picture

Rubber expansion joints 2018 product news

Rubber expansion joints, flexible connection for your pipe system installation. Reduce vibration and reduce noise using our Elaflex expansion joints? We have a huge range of Elaflex rubber expansion joints available via Derwent James Ltd. Some can be supplied ex-stock … [Continue Reading]

Sampling systems for chemicals

Sampling  systems for chemicals are one of the areas of a process plant where a plant operator comes into close contact with the chemicals being processed.  Its is therefore important to reduce any potential exposure of that chemical to the … [Continue Reading]

Achema 2018 – Frankfurt

Next month the massive Achema exhibition and world forum for the process industries will take place in Frankfurt, Germany.  Between the 11th and 15th of June 2018 some of the leading manufacturers of process equipment and process safety equipment will … [Continue Reading]

Providing outstanding safety equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.
Because safety is a necessity, not a commodity

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