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Chemical Sample Valve

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Taking samples of chemical liquids in the process industry is a regular task for plant operators. So its vitally important that its done as safely as possible. Ensuring that the chemical sample valve you use is fit for purpose and is in good condition should also be a regular check.  Safe sampling of chemicals starts with the right sample valve.

Safe sampling of chemical liquids

Sampling chemical liquids with a chemical sample valve from your hazardous process is easy with a Dopak sampling valve. The operator can use the Dopak sample valve to sample hazardous liquids directly from the process straight into a sealed bottle without spills.

Zero emission sample valves

The Dopak sample valve is 100% representative. Simple to operate and incorporates a spring return handle as a result is one of the the safest sampling valve designs.

Chemical sampling valve for small pipelines or larger pipelines

The Dopak DPT sampling valve is available for sampling directly from smaller process pipelines of just 1/2″ diameter up to larger diameter pipelines of 4” diameter.  Connections types and sizes to suit your horizontal or vertical pipelines.

Sample valve applications up to 8 bar pressure

The Dopak DPT sample system is suitable for taking samples from process pipelines at temperatures from minus 40 degrees C up to +200 degrees C and with line design pressures up to 16 bar and operating pressures up to 8 bar.

Sample valve key benefits

  • Safe because it samples directly under process pressures
  • Representative due to zero dead volumes
  • Clean sampling because no emissions occur when sampling

Sample valve optional extras

  • Secure against incorrect operation due to the lockable handle
  • Protected from adverse weather conditions when used with a metal enclosure
  • Welded connections
  • Cleanable when used with a purge feature
  • Fast installation because of the wafer style design for mounting between two existing pipeline flanges
  • Steam jacket to maintain a high temperature of the valve to prevent product freezing or blocking

Contact us to start your chemical sample valve specification process, contact us for a datasheet, request a quotation or to discuss your application in more detail.

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