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UK Chemical Sampling Specialists

Dopak Process Industry Sampling System UK Representative

Derwent James are industrial sampling experts with over two decades experience in the design and supply of chemical sampling systems to the UK process industry.

We are the exclusive UK representative for Dopak sampling systems which are used to take samples of hazardous liquids and gases in all process sectors including; chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, nuclear, energy, pharmaceutical, and engineering.

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A Dopak sampling system connects directly to your existing process pipeline or tank.  Sampling can then be done without emissions or spills.  The installation design of the sampling systems means you get a representative sample of the process every time.  Correct material selection ensures the sampling system is compatible with the process.

The sampling system can use many types and sizes of container. cylinder or bottle to collect the sample. With your process data we can design the correct system for you.

New Chemical Plant Design

The design of a new process plant is extensive.  Sampling systems will more than likely be required.  The design and specification of the sampling systems should be done as early as possible in the plant design process.

Sampling system design can be standardised using our generic black box designs whilst still incorporating many of the special features Dopak systems can include.  Our worldwide sampling design experience on major projects means we can assist throughout what can be a complicated process.

So whether you are improving the sampling regime on an existing plant or designing a new plant which requires sampling systems then get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help. You’re in the right place!

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