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Providing outstanding sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.

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The UK chemical sampling experts.

DERWENT JAMES LTD are industrial sampling experts,  formed in 2009 by owner Neil Finney who has over two decades of experience in providing industrial sampling equipment and is the exclusive UK representative for Dopak sampling systems. Our sampling expertise covers a wide range of sectors and industries, such as Chemical and Petrochemical; Oil and Gas; Nuclear; Energy; Pharmaceutical; and Engineering.

When it comes to chemical industry sampling safety it’s not nice to think about worse case scenarios at work, is it? But ignore or forget about sampling safety, and the consequences to your employees, your business, PR, and even the environment don’t bear thinking about, do they? So, when it comes to on-site sampling safety, let us do the thinking for you.

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Work with us and let us allay your on-site sampling safety fears.

At DERWENT JAMES LTD, we will give you peace of mind by offering outstanding, cost-effective industrial sampling systems, consultancy and equipment that will benefit your company, your staff, and also the environment.

After all, where industry sampling safety is concerned, doing nothing or cutting corners should never be an option. How do we do this? By ensuring you get the right systems, the right equipment, and the right advice for YOUR company. Because no two companies are the same.


  • Us having over two decades of industry-related expertise and experience
  • Assessing your current installations and applications and your on site requirements
  • Offering industry-leading equipment and products from Dovianus BV the manufacturer of Dopak sampling systems.
  • Working on-site and/or remotely with you
  • Having regular communication and contact with you throughout the whole process – and beyond

So, as stated before, we do all the on-site sampling safety thinking for you! 

The solutions and consultancy we currently provide include:

Let Derwent James Ltd provide outstanding industrial sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.

Providing outstanding sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.