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Sampling of chemical liquids and gases in the process industry is described in many ways. Closed loop sampling, grab sampling systems or just sample valves.  However it is described the same quality control methods should be employed to ensure not only the correct sample system is used but also it is supplied by an industry expert manufacturer.

Grab yourself some bottles

Chemical industry sampling from Dopak

Chemical sampling systems are sometimes referred to as grab sampling systems.  Collecting a representative sample of a hazardous liquid or hazardous gas into a sealed container is not easy.  Its done with the help of industry experts and specialists suppliers of sampling systems.

Dopak sampling systems are represented exclusively in the UK by us here at Derwent James and we are ready to begin the system design process for your grab sampling application.

Emission free chemical grab sampling

Dopak sample systems are the industry standard for the safe, emission free sampling of liquids, gases and liquefied gases. Also reducing spills and emissions. Additionally a Dopak closed vent sample system allows the plant operator to manually take a liquid sample (into a sealed bottle) or a gas sample (into a cylinder) with zero emissions.

Dopak grab sampling systems are supplied specifically to the process conditions. Whether they are low pressure, high pressure, low temperature, high temperature, viscous liquids, inline, from reactor vessels or from pipelines. In all cases Dopak already have a solution which can be tailored for your site installation.

Worldwide sampling experience, UK sampling knowledge

Dopak sampling systems are installed worldwide with many installations in the UK. In addition this worldwide experience is vital in the safe sampling of chemical liquids and gases in hazardous process installations.

Derwent James Ltd is the exclusive UK agent for Dopak sampling systems. Furthermore Neil Finney of Derwent James has over 20 years experience in the specification of chemical sampling systems with Dopak systems.

Improve your sampling safety

Improved safety, reduced emissions, simple maintenance. Also a right first time approach make Dopak sample systems the right choice when looking to improve the sampling of chemical liquids and gases on chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas processing facilities.

Call us, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your hazardous liquid or gas grab sampling application. Our contact details are HERE

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