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Nitric acid sampling

Here’s a great story from one of our clients up in the North East of England.  CF Fertilisers in Billingham needed to improve the safety of their nitric acid sampling.  They contacted us here at Derwent James Ltd for help. … [Continue Reading]

nitric acid sampling

Sample valve symbol

This black and white sample valve symbol can represent a sampling valve or sampling system for sampling hazardous product from a pipeline for instance on your P&ID. Firstly, the white centre of the symbol represents the pipeline or the tank … [Continue Reading]

Sample valve symbol

Chemical testing systems

Chemical testing systems then… well, not exactly.  We can get the chemical sample into the container but we can’t test it.  That’s for your lab to do. They do the clever bit.  We just make sure the chemical sample is … [Continue Reading]

sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company

Manual sampling equipment

Useful range of manual sampling equipment, tools and accessories  from Dopak for open sampling of liquids, semi solid and solid media. Sampling manually from open volumes of water, drums or tanks is sometimes necessary for spot sampling. Its cost effective, … [Continue Reading]

manual sampling equipment

Dopak Pre-Engineered Sample Cylinder

Dopak Pre-Engineered Sample Cylinder products available ex stock! Cylinders are suited for sample collection, safe transport and chromatographic lab analysis. The sample cylinders are available in different volumes. Cylinders are used for samples with high vapour phase liquids, gas and … [Continue Reading]

Dopak Pre-Engineered Sample Cylinder

Sampling valves

Dopak sampling valves and systems are a standard choice for industry.  They give you a robust and accurate way to take samples of potentially hazardous liquids without emissions and without spills. Dopak sampling valves are used worldwide and are represented … [Continue Reading]

Low pressure chemical liquid sampling system

Pharmaceutical Liquid Sampling Systems

Pharmaceutical liquid sampling systems from Dopak are the best way to collect an emission free sample of a pharmaceutical liquid into an already sealed bottle, therefore by using the patented Dopak needle assembly the potentially hazardous liquid can pass into … [Continue Reading]

Top 20 Checklist For Selecting A Closed Loop Chemical Sampling System

Schott Duran sample bottles

Schott Duran sample bottles are clear borosilicate glass bottles, highly resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions, concentrated acids and their mixtures, chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic materials, an all-round industrial glass in all fields of applications where maximal thermal shock … [Continue Reading]

dopak sample bottles

Providing outstanding sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.

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