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Pharmaceutical Liquid Sampling Systems

Top 20 Checklist For Selecting A Closed Loop Chemical Sampling System

Pharmaceutical liquid sampling systems from Dopak are the best way to collect an emission free sample of a pharmaceutical liquid into an already sealed bottle, therefore by using the patented Dopak needle assembly the potentially hazardous liquid can pass into your sealed bottle through the septum seal in the bottle lid giving you a safe representative sample.

There are many types of sampling systems available, here are a few examples;

  • General purpose samplers for liquids up to 8 bar pressure
  • Fixed volume sampler for high pressure liquids
  • Batch reactor samplers
  • Inline samplers
  • Viscous liquid samplers
  • Anti-static, fire safe samplers
  • Gas samplers
  • Liquefied gas samplers

To help you specify the correct pharmaceutical liquid sampling systems for your plant use the following helpful checklist;

  1. Is there a sample point identity/location/tag number
  2. What is the name of the pharmaceutical liquid
  3. Can you tell us the process pressure of the pharmaceutical liquid
  4. Is the process liquid hot?
  5. How should the pharma sampler ideally operate
  6. Is a suitable vent location available in the pharma plant
  7. What is the process connection type and size
  8. Is stainless steel suitable for your process?
  9. Do you need to protect the sampler from the weather?
  10. Is heating required
  11. Is cooling required
  12. Do you need to insulate the sampler?
  13. What is the required sample volume
  14. What type of sample container do you want?
  15. How much sample do you need?
  16. What material should the sample container be?
  17. How will the sample container be transported
  18. How will the sample be disposed of?

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