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Industrial sampling systems

Industrial sampling systems

Safe sampling in an industrial environment should be carried out as safely as possible. Dopak industrial sampling systems are proven over the decades to be the number one choice for safe closed loop sampling of hazardous liquids and gases.

Some industrial sampling applications where Dopak systems have been used are summarized on this page is your application mentioned?

When selecting an industrial sampling system for chemical Industry all we need is the process data and we can quickly identify the most appropriate sampling system for the application. The typical process data required includes;

  • Process pressure (operating & design)
  • Process temperature (operating & design)
  • Materials of construction
  • Connection types and sizes
  • Sample size

The operator’s safety is paramount and the environment should always be protected so a system designed specifically for taking samples should always be selected.

  • Dopak sampling systems are innovative sampling solutions and not just valves
  • Dopak have vast industry experience
  • Dopak systems are widely accepted as the industry standard for safe sampling in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Dopak even have the ability to custom build a solution if required.

Closed loop samplers by Dopak are;

  • Safer for the environment
  • Safer for the sample
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to maintain
  • Ensure minimal pollution
  • Eliminate spills

Sampling the UK Chemical Industry on a petrochemical, chemical or pharmaceutical plant the type of sampling applications can vary but the most common sampling applications could include the following:

  • General purpose samplers for liquids up to 8 bar pressure (Type DPM)
  • Fixed volume sampler for high pressure liquids (Type S23)
  • Batch reactor samplers (Type S32)
  • Inline samplers (Type DPT)
  • Viscous liquid samplers (Type DPJ)
  • Anti-static, fire safe samplers (Type HD)
  • Gas samplers (Type S32G)
  • Liquefied gas samplers (Type S32LG)

To discuss your industrial sampling application contact us for a chat or drop us a line.

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