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Closed loop sampling system

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Netherlands based closed loop sampling system experts Dopak are represented exclusively in the UK by Derwent James Ltd. A closed loop sampling system enables a chemical process plant operator to collect safe samples of potentially hazardous gas or liquid from industry process pipelines or process vessels. Regular or high operating and design pressures and temperatures can safely be accommodated along with difficult to sample media with high toxicity or high viscosity. Start with the Dopak experienced engineers and in the UK Neil Finney of Derwent James who has over 20 years experience in the design of closed loop chemical sampling systems.

Closed loop sampling system – Liquids

Sampling potentially hazardous liquid chemicals is made easy with a Dopak system.  Usually a single handle system, the bottle is sealed with a septum, sampling is achieved independently of process pressure and absolutely reduces any risks to the operator when taking the sample.  Years of experience, hundreds of systems installed and thousands of samples taken prove that Dopak is the place to start for safe, representative sample taking of hazardous liquids.

Sampling system – Gases

Sampling potentially hazardous gases could not be simpler with a Dopak gas sampler. Insert the gas cylinder, run the process through the cylinder, isolate and depressurise the sample and then remove the cylinder safely, securely and confidently knowing you have the representative sample required by the laboratory…every time.

Sampling system – Liquefied gases

Sampling potentially hazardous pressurised liquids is just as simple.  Use either your cylinder with an outage tube or a Dopak system with an expansion chamber to ensure a safe ullage in the cylinder every time.  Insert the cylinder, run the process through the cylinder, create safe space in the cylinder and then isolate and remove.  Couldn’t be simpler.  Ask us for more details or consider the hundreds of systems worldwide already using Dopak systems for safe sampling of hazardous liquefied gases.

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