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Liquid sample recovery system

liquid sample recovery system

So, you’ve taken a chemical sample, its been analyzed by the laboratory, now what?  How to dispose of the sample in a way that is safe for the environment and safe for the operator.  Well, why not just return it to the process where it came from with the superb Liquid sample recovery system from Dopak

This great solution is available from the guys at Dopak with their liquid sample recovery system.

The Dopak SRS offers the ability to recover a liquid sample from the sample bottle without the risk of spillage or contamination. Applications for this system can be found in plant laboratories. The unique design offers a one handle operation by multiple valves. In addition, the nitrogen purge not only assists in driving the liquid out of the sample bottle, but also cleans the whole system including needle assembly and sample bottle.

How does it work?

  1. Provide a new septum on your sample bottle. Insert the bottle, with cap and septum into the sleeve. Put the special bottle retaining clip in place and turn the thumb screw until the bottle is fixed in the sleeve.
  2. Turn the sleeve upside down and fix the special bottle retaining clip in the terry clips. Turn the handle to the “recovery” position, allowing the inert gas to drive the liquid out of the sample
    bottle to the process-out connection. This position can be held for any required time.
  3. Turn the handle to the “vent” position allowing the sample bottle to depressurise.
  4. Turn the handle to the “off” position and turn the sleeve back to the normal position. Unfix the
    thumb screw, remove the bottle retaining clip and pull the bottle out from the sleeve. The septum
    reseals automatically.

A simple way to return used samples back to the process without spills and without emissions. Safe for the operator, safe for the lab and great for the environment.  Costs in disposing of samples can also be reduced.  So if you take samples of potentially hazardous liquids and need a great stand alone solution for the safe disposal of these samples then look no further than the Dopak sample recovery system.

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