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Refinery sampling system

Refinery sampling system

Sampling hazardous liquids, gases and liquefied gases in the UK refinery industry requires experience, knowhow because its one of the few moments the engineer is in close contact with the process. Above all an effective sampling system. This allow you, the operator to take representative safe samples into a sealed bottle or sealed cylinder. Be sure your sample is accurate because your lab demands this. But equally take no risks when you are in the process of taking the sample because your family demands this.

All the required PPE should obviously be worn. Add to that a proper sampling system from a proper sampling system manufacturer.  Not the local valve company that “can do that as well”. Put your name to the installation knowing you have selected the sampling equipment manufacturer with experience. With the knowhow. With the reputation for providing sampling systems for many years. Rely on your sampling system. Rely on Dopak because we have the sampling experience in the UK.

UK Refineries

Whether you work for BP , ExxonMobil, Phillips 66, Shell,  Essar, PetroIneos, Prax or Valero Dopak sampling systems have the sampling system for your application.  Dopak systems are manufactured in The Netherlands by Dovianus BV and are the leaders in this field and have worldwide experience.

Complex processes

Industrial processes are getting more and more complex. This specifically applies to the processes in the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, and offshore industry. This growing complexity increases the need for safety testing and analyses of liquids, liquefied gases, and gases. Within this process, representative sampling is a crucial factor in ensuring the correct product verification.

Sampling directly from the process increases the risk of contaminated samples. It also increases the risk of exposure to toxic and dangerous substances for the operators, as well as polluting the environment. The patented design of the Dopak sampling systems is easy to operate and reduces the risks to virtually zero.

Whatever you’re sampling, we can help…contact us Cracked gases, acetylene, Propylene, butane, aromatics, benzene, toluene, xylenes, naptha, napthalene, gas-oils, gasoline, diesel, petrol, kerosine, oils, water.


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