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Process Manufacturing Centre – Kirklees College Huddersfield

Later this year the new Process Manufacturing Centre will open its doors at Kirklees college, Huddersfield.  The PMC is an employer led training centre for process manufacturing industries and will provide local students with a state of the art process manufacturing … [Continue Reading]

Process Manufacturing Centre - Kirklees College Huddersfield

Chemical Sample Valve

Taking samples of chemical liquids in the process industry is a regular task for plant operators so its vitally important that its done as safely as possible. Ensuring that the chemical sample valve you use is fit for purpose and … [Continue Reading]

derwent james chemical industry sampling experts

How many times should I use a Dopak bottle septum?

This is a common question with a simple answer – a Dopak bottle septum or septa should be used… JUST ONCE! This is the only way to guarantee an emission free sample, safer for your plant operator and the local environment. … [Continue Reading]

Low pressure liquid sampling system

Sampling in the UK process industry is a daily task, important for the effectiveness of the chemical plant.  One of, if not the only action which puts the operator close to the media being produced.  So whether its a low … [Continue Reading]

Low pressure chemical liquid sampling system

Top 20 Checklist For Selecting A Closed Loop Chemical Sampling System

What is closed loop chemical sampling? Closed loop chemical sampling is the taking of a sample from the process into a sealed container without exposing the product to the environment, then safely venting this container to a suitable outlet – … [Continue Reading]

Sampling the UK Chemical Industry

Chemical industry sampling systems UK chemical manufacturing is vital to the UK economy.  Due to the growing complexity of industrial processes there is a growing requirement for accurate samples of liquid, gas and liquefied gas to be taken. Chemical industry … [Continue Reading]

Providing outstanding sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.