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Brown Glass sample bottles

chemical sampling bottles

Brown soda lime glass sampling bottle has an excellent corrosion resistance to most chemicals. Its thickness enables a slight mechanical shock resistance. It has only medium thermal properties given by a 120 °C (250 °F) maximum temperature and a 40 °C (100 °F) thermal shock resistance. This glass has the property of totally protecting the bottle content from ultraviolet rays and is therefore ideal for light-sensitive compounds.

Brown glass laboratory sample bottles available with caps and septa in various materials and sizes. Contact us today for best pricing HERE

DescriptionVolumeCap sizeBottle PNCap PNSet qtyRubber septaEPDM septaSilicone septaTCB septaTCS septaViton septa
Amber glass60cc2811174001131400127199280019929001993000199310019933001993200
Amber glass100cc281110900113140084190090019040001907100191330019195001916400
Amber glass300cc282011865113140048TBA201448819072002012483TBATBA
Amber glass500cc281115800113140035193680019369001937000193710019373001937200
Amber glass1000cc281116000113140020193800019381001938200193830019385001938400

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