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Sampling valves from stock

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Sampling valves from stock from Dopak. Dopak Sampling Systems for liquids, gases and liquefied gases are respected in the international chemical and petrochemical industries. Dopak closed vent samplers allow you to safely take samples of toxic, dangerous and volatile substances, without any exposure to your operators or the environment.

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Besides the engineered to order samplers Dopak also launches pre-engineered samplers. These selected samplers are pre-designed and partly pre-assembled and therefore need no further detailed engineering. The pre-engineered samplers are available in standard configurations with multiple options.

The advantages are:

• Closed vent samplers with a quick delivery
• Pre-engineered sampling
• Multiple options
• High quality
• Drawings available now

Dopak sampling express

Sampling valves from stock using sampling express from Dopak.  They can now offer pre-engineered samplers.

Dopak sampling systems can still be designed precisely for your sampling application if you need this but if you do require something more quickly then these pre-engineered systems are for you. Dopak have respect in the worldwide chemical industry and so are the go to suppliers when it comes to the safe sampling of chemicals. Now you can get them fast!

Sampling valves from our stock reduces lead times

Safe sampling of potentially hazardous media using a Dopak system is safe because it prevents exposure to the operator and the environment. Dopak systems make the whole sampling process as safe as possible.

Dopak industrial sampling systems can be designed from scratch or pre-engineered with sampling express where delivery can be in just a few weeks from when we get your order.  The systems are already pre-assembled and so drawings are ready which means we can supply a system for your urgent sampling requirement much more quickly. No extra engineering is required as multiple options can also be included into these pre-engineered samplers.

The benefits of sampling express

  • Closed vent samplers with quick delivery
  • Pre-engineered sampling
  • Multiple options
  • High quality
  • Drawings available now

Get in touch with us for a chat about our industrial sampling systems and how sampling express can speed up your sampling project. We are the exclusive UK representatives for Dopak sampling systems.

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