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Low pressure liquid sampling system

Low pressure chemical liquid sampling system

Sampling in the UK process industry is a daily task, important for the effectiveness of the chemical plant.  One of, if not the only action which puts the operator close to the media being produced.  So whether its a low pressure liquid sampling system, high pressure or high temperature do sampling safely with an effective sampling system such as a Dopak system.

Dovianus industrial sampling systems – Dopak the worldwide sampling experts

The Dopak DPM sampling system is a chemical liquid sampling system for pressures up to 8 bar and this is the ideal solution for sampling low pressure chemical liquids, safely from your process pipelines and tanks.  The sampling system can be directly connected to the process equipment.

As standard the Dopak DPM is supplied in stainless steel but exotic alloys are also available which include, Hastelloy and Monel.

A sample taken from a process pipeline or reactor should represent the exact constituents of the media without contamination. An incorrect sample gives incorrect test results and delays to the overall process production. Contamination of samples can be caused through reaction with the environment, but is more often caused by traces of the previous sample being held up within the sampling system. The Dopak range of sampling systems include a variety of design features including spring return handle, no bottle no flow, enclosures, all of which help improve the representivity of the sample you are taking.

Dopak DPM sampling system – Low pressure liquid sampling system

This Dopak sampling system is the simplest Dopak sampling system and its operation is demonstrated in the video below.

The basic steps for safe chemical liquid sampling are;

  1. With a fresh septum on your sample bottle, push the bottle into the sleeve so the needles pierce the septum.
  2. Turn the handle to the sample position and watch the liquid filling the sample bottle.
  3. When sufficient liquid sample has been taken release the handle back to the off position.
  4. Remove the septum sealed bottle and take to the laboratory safely from analysis.

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