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Low pressure liquid sampling system (Dopak DPM)

Dopak DPM liquid sampling system

Liquid sampler to take accurate samples of hazardous liquids with low vapour pressure at low process pressure (<8 bar). This Dopak DPM type sampler is a low pressure liquid sampling system built from high quality stainless steel 316. Installation can be either a threaded connection, compression fittings or flanges of your choice. Simple to operate systems with just one handle operation providing perfect safety for the operator and the environment. You can also introduce nitrogen or solvent purges to keep this low pressure liquid sampling system sampler clean and to ensure representivity.

Suitable for the following process application;

  • Liquids at lower pressure (Less than 8 bar)
  • Closed sampling with lower vapour pressure (Less than 0.7 bar)
  • Corrosive and hazardous liquids
  • Sampling is possible from both pipelines and tanks
  • Zero emission, no spill sampling


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