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PFA lined inline sampling valve

The Dopak DPT inline sampling valve is manufactured from stainless steel and has PFA lined wetted parts. Designed to take an accurate representative sample directly from a process pipeline. Safely first time is achieved without spills. The spring return lever ensures the valve cannot be left in the open position.

The Dopak DPT inline sampling valve is available in 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3” and 4” configurations all with 150lb flange or wafer style connections.

PFA lined sampling system

The Dopak DPT inline sample valve incorporates a Viton A O-ring and all wetted parts of the valve are PFA lined.  A great feature of the valve is that it can be installed on both horizontal and vertical pipelines.

The PFA lined inline sampling valve from Dopak can include the following options;

  • Lockable handle
  • Enclosure
  • Steam sterilizing cap
  • Welded connection
  • Nitrogen purge
  • Exotic materials such as Hastelloy

Inline sampling systems

The PFA lined inline sampling valve from Dopak allows the plant operator to take inline samples of hazardous liquids directly under process conditions. Representative sampling with no emissions is achieved.

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