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Dopak DPM sampling system

Dopak DPM sampling system

The Dopak DPM sampling system is the ideal solution for safe, representative sampling of potentially hazardous liquids.  Perfect for sampling liquids at low pressures (upto 8 bar g) from pipelines or storage tanks.

Used worldwide in vast numbers the DPM is the industry proven solution for safe sampling of hazardous liquids.

Key features include;

  • Stainless steel construction (other metals available)
  • Spring return handle
  • Closed vent sampling
  • Threaded, flanged or welded connections
  • Sample sizes from 50cc to 2000cc
  • Use your existing bottles or ours

Optional extras include;

  • Enclosure
  • Floor mounted pipe stand
  • Backplate
  • Cooler
  • No bottle no flow feature

In addition to the above you can see the DPM in action as one of our happy customers actually produced a video which explains how the Dopak DPM sampling system was a huge success on their site.  Some key words from the video (their words!);

  1. This enclosed sampling system reduced chemical exposure time for our operators.
  2. They no longer had to rely on the use of personal protective equipment.
  3. The DPM installation “made it better for the operators”
  4. Zero emissions and zero splash back.
  5. Sampling direct off the line so no purging was necessary therefore less waste product
  6. No open bottles, hands free sampling and single hand operation,
  7. Fine control, more protected, more confident, easier to do, safer and easier.

Contact us for a link to the video

If you would like to discuss how the Dopak DPM chemical sampling system can improve sampling on your site then get in touch for a chat. We can show you an online digital presentation of the system and we have datasheets.

However if you’d like us to visit your site and bring along a DPM sampling system to show you and to make a presentation to your team then no problem, we’d be happy to visit!

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