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Derwent James Ltd – 10th anniversary walk

River Derwent

Derwent James Ltd will celebrate 10 years in business this December.  We’ve been thinking of a way to mark this anniversary, something different…more than a cake and a few drinks.  So, this is what we came up with….

When Derwent James was established back in 2009 the company name was a matter of some discussion and debate.  We needed something non product specific and something with a nod to the area we are based in.

The river Derwent runs through Derbyshire not too far from where we are based in Oakwood and as people who enjoy the great outdoors, the countryside and the environment we liked the idea of a company name which included the word Derwent.

10 years on it seemed a good idea then to go back to this idea and include the word “Derwent” in our plans to mark our 10 years in business.  A quick search online and we found The Derwent Valley Trust which was set up in 1996 to promote the history, arts, wildlife and leisure opportunities that surround the river Derwent along its 55 mile course through Derbyshire.

The trust has a walking route along the course of the river (north to south) and this was split up into 10 sections which was handy…1 section for each year we’ve been in business. So that’s decided then… a walk down the 55 mile course of the river Derwent…take a few pictures along the way, maybe get a few sponsors and raise a few pounds for the Derwent Valley Trust. Not sure yet how we will do this, how long we plan to take but we imagine it will be over a couple of weeks sometime before December 2019.

Nice idea? To keep up to date with our walking plans please do “Like” our Facebook page where we will post regular updates and to learn more about what we do day to day visit our company website.

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