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Sampling equipment suppliers

sampling equipment suppliers

At Derwent James Ltd we represent one of the leading chemical equipment suppliers in the UK.  Dopak sampling systems are used extensively by engineers taking samples of hazardous chemical liquids and chemical gases and liquefied gases.  Safety is paramount, spills and emissions are not allowed. If you’re looking for sampling equipment suppliers in the UK then you’re in the right place, thank you!

Dopak sampling systems are the leading sampling equipment suppliers in your area therefore this ensures your engineer taking the sample is safe from chemical exposure. Dopak are your trusted brand because there are literally hundereds of sampling installations across the UK to back this up.  Our decades of experience in supplying chemical sampling systems and also sample valve systems from Dopak means you’re in the right place if you want to improve your chemical sampling on site.

Happy Lab

Your laboratory will be happy. Satisfied in the knowledge that the sample is representative and accurate.  It is a truely accurate sample of the process.

Taking samples quickly, safely and accurately means you can get on with the rest of your day on site because knowing that the sample you hand to the lab for further analysis is an accurate representation of the process fluid or gas in the pipelines.

Cheaper and quicker options might be available but if you choose Dopak then you can be sure you’ve made the right choice.

Experience, knowledge & support

Years of sampling experience, worldwide knowledge and also local support from us here at Derwent James. Therefore you can be sure you’re getting the correct advice. Just look at the sampling applications we cover here

Send us whatever specification details you have and we’ll tell you the type of sampling system you need.  Put us to the test. We literally know sampling, we are the UK sampling experts.  We’re not a valve company.  Not even an instrumentation company.  Certainly not a fittings company.  We are chemical sampling equipment suppliers.  We know sampling. So if you need to talk sampling then talk to us.

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