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Process Manufacturing Centre – Kirklees College Huddersfield

Process Manufacturing Centre - Kirklees College Huddersfield

Later this year the new Process Manufacturing Centre will open its doors at Kirklees college, Huddersfield.  The PMC is an employer led training centre for process manufacturing industries and will provide local students with a state of the art process manufacturing training facility, chemistry laboratories and IT and learning resources.

Kirklees College process training facility

At Derwent James Ltd we are proud to support this tremendous facility at Kirklees college which will provide  a fully operational process manufacturing batch plant along with a  control room with a state-of-the-art control system. The centre also has adjoining classrooms,  analytical laboratory, IT facilities all providing a fully functioning learning facility for real life ‘on the job’ training.

Elaflex hosesIn the Kirklees college process manufacturing facility itself there is the kind of state of the art process equipment that the students would expect to see in a real life process manufacturing plant. This exposure to a real process environment will enable the students to better understand what goes on in a real life process manufacturing plant.

Some of the key equipment used in the plant has been arranged by Derwent James Ltd through our key suppliers, this equipment includes;

Dopak chemical sampling system

A Dopak DPM type chemical sampling system which can be used to show the students how to safely take a sample of a potentially hazardous chemical liquid without spills or emissions to the environment.  Process Manufacturing Centre - Kirklees College Huddersfield Dopak sampler

The Dopak sampling system was supplied directly from the Dopak factory at Dovianus BV in the Netherlands.

Dopak sampling systems are used worldwide in many process manufacturing applications including; chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and energy all of which use Dopak sampling systems to ensure a safe, emission free sample can be taken by the plant operator.

For more information on Dopak sampling systems you can visit the new Dopak website or contact us here at Derwent James Ltd as we are the exclusive UK representatives for Dopak samplers.

Elaflex Chemical hoses

A number of chemical transfer hose assemblies (20+) have been supplied by Elaflex the leading manufacturer of chemical transfer hoses, hose couplings and fully tested hose assemblies.Process Manufacturing Centre - Kirklees College Huddersfield - Elaflex hoses

Elaflex hoses are used worldwide for the safe and effective transfer of petroleum based products, in aircraft refueling, chemicals, LPG and on petrol forecourts. You can even specify your own hose type by using the Elaflex hose configurator 
Process Manufacturing Centre - Kirklees College HuddersfieldElaflex hoses are manufactured in Germany and are of a very high quality for ultimate safety in use. Additionally Elaflex hoses are both flexible and lightweight with an extremely long  service life.Elaflex chemical resistant hoses can be used up to 16 bar pressure and comply with the EN standard 12115.

The hoses supplied include 25mm diameter hoses, 50mm diameter hoses,  camlock couplings,  swivel flanges and an ERV rubber expansion joint. The Elaflex logo even has pride of place on the front edge of the mezzanine floor.

Total Lockout tagout

A lockout tagout training board to allow the students to fully understand the safety benefits of correct Process Manufacturing Centre - Kirklees College Huddersfield Lockout tagoutmachinery isolation. The range of lockout tagout equipment available from our partners Total Lockout is extensive and they have experts on hand to provide the necessary advise required for a complete lockout tagout procedure.

Ensuring the safety of your maintenance personnel is obviously vitally important so a good starting place is to use lockout tagout equipment including; safety padlocks, safety lockout hasps, electrical lockout products, group lockout boxes, electrical cable lockout, lockout accessories, car seals, gas cylinder lockouts, key and padlock cabinets,  complete lockout stations and safety padlock boards.

So, the PMC at kirklees college is almost ready to open, we look forward to seeing the centre develop and for our products and systems to be used.  Should you have any comments or questions about the products mentioned above then please feel free to drop us a line.


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