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valve interlocks

Machine Guarding & Valve Interlocks

machine guarding & valve interlocks

Machine guarding & valve interlocks are a relatively simple solution that can vastly improve the safety on critical installations and our mechanical valve interlocks safely lock all sizes and types of installed valves.

Machine guarding & valve interlocks experts

Our standard interlocks are available to fit your existing valves and are used for many applications. Some additional examples include; locking enclosures, control panels, and even machinery access gates.

Using our interlocks improves safety across your site and in addition will also ensure critical valves are not operated incorrectly or by unauthorised staff. It will also ensure valves and other critical equipment are only operated when they should be. So, please call us today for further information.

Valve interlocks

Valve process applications critiacal to the process operation often incorporate a series of valves. These valves are used to maintain the safety integrity of the process system. Unauthorized or inadvertent operation of these valves could potentially lead to system failures, process exposure or worse! Preventing this problem with the use of properly specified key interlock systems will  ensure that any critical valve can only be operated in the correct sequence, by properly trained personnel under controlled conditions.

Machine guarding

Dangerous machinery on your plant will likely have perimeter guards / fencing placed around it.  This will keep staff away from the dangerous moving parts. However, during maintenance periods access will be required and so workers must pass through this guarded area to work on the machine. A key correctly specified key interlock system will keep these workers safe by locking the guards in place. The access key used to unlock and open these guards should be retained in the machine power isolating switch. Subsequently the only way to unlock and open the guards is to switch off the power!! The locks on the guards retain the key when the guard is open. This prevents power being restored to the machine until the workers have retreated from the guarded area.

We’d love for you to contact us to discuss your mechanical valve interlock and on-site safety solution needs.

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Providing outstanding safety equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.
Because safety is a necessity, not a commodity