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Lightning warning system for the process industry

lightning warning system for the process industry

True story. Its the late 80’s.  Sat in my parents house with Mum, Dad and my now wife.  Talking, drinking tea, maybe a biscuit.  Me in the armchair near the TV, the other 3 to my right on the sofa.

To the right of the sofa was the big window.  Literally nothing remarkable about the scene, nothing happening, weather calm.  Mid afternoon (I think), I reach down to the floor on my right side for my cup of tea.  Out of the corner of my eye, above my head I see this white ball bigger than a tennis ball, smaller than a football travelling towards me.  With a bang/crack it disappears near to my head making me jump. Made me jump, I can tell you.  I looked up to the other 3 in the room expecting them to wonder what on earth I’m alarmed at.

All 3 sat wide eyed and stunned as they explain this white ball had come into the room through the window and floated horizontally from the window across the room and disappeared with a crack near to my head.

To this day not a clue what it was but the closest explanation was ball lightning.  You never know when lightning will strike!

Process industry lightning warning system from Biral

This easily installed system is represented exclusively by Derwent James Ltd in the UK process sector.  The BTD-200 is a self-contained, standalone lightning warning system and is therefore particularly useful on process sites such as in the chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas sectors.

The BTD-200 lightning warning system is a complete detection and warning system
which has been developed from the Biral range of professional aviation grade lightning
detection systems.  Its proven detection technology reliably detects the presence of
all forms of lightning out to a range of 22 miles from the sensor.

Protection of your site from lightning strike

Designed to be quickly and easily installed, it comes complete with a universal mains voltage
power supply and the essential PC server application Lightning Works for monitoring,
warning and data logging of approaching thunderstorms.

The BTD-200 has many significant advantages over traditional field‑mill devices, including;

  • Greater detection range.
  • No moving parts.
  • Longer life.
  • Lower service costs.
  • Lower false alarm rates.

Therefore the BTD-200 is an ideal upgrade for users of field-mills in the process sector.

Reliable thunderstorm detection allows chemical process operations to take the appropriate safety precautions in a timely manner and only when necessary.  Once the storm threat has passed, normal operations can be resumed quickly and safely, so protecting plant and life whilst maximising operating efficiencies.

Lightning alarm for your site

An audible alarm, a visual alarm or a direct signal to stop a process gives a chemical site ultimate control in a lightning storm situation. A lightning alarm makes sense for a relatively low cost. Peace of mind in stormy conditions.

So is this system of interest to your chemical manufacturing or processing facility? How would it benefit you as an engineer, where would you install it?

For a relatively small cost this system will  give you the heads up of any impending lightning strikes in your local area, that information can be monitored live in your control room, in your gate house, in key office areas at the reception desk.  Worth a look at least?

For further details of this process industry lightning warning system contact us today.

Derwent James Ltd are the exclusive representatives for Biral in the UK process sector.

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Providing outstanding safety equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.
Because safety is a necessity, not a commodity