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Hastelloy sampling system

hastelloy sampling system

Sampling chemicals in the process industry can be a hazardous task, especially when the chemical in question is particularly corrosive.  Its important to select the correct material of construction for your sampling system such as a hastelloy sampling system.

Here at Derwent James we work with the worldwide experts in chemical sampling systems Dovianus to produce Dopak sampling systems which not only provide a  representative, emission free sample but also a system which will withstand some of the most  dangerous and corrosive chemicals.

Sampling systems as standard are supplied in stainless steel but Dovianus can also offer standard alternative materials such as hastelloy C22 and hastelloy C276.  Note that delivery times for hastelloy components can be longer than stainless steel so please allow for this when considering your next sampling project.

Hastelloy sampling systems are a standard offering for us and our partners at Dopak so start here when you need expert advice.  Sampling is important so rely on us – the experts.

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