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Chemical testing systems then… well, not exactly.  We can get the chemical sample into the container but we can’t test it.  That’s for your lab to do. They do the clever bit.  We just make sure the chemical sample is collected safely and accurately without any spills.

Sound easy I suppose but getting liquid at high pressure or a hot liquid or a sticky liquid, or a gas into a container so that the clever people in the lab can tell you what it is (not what it should be)… is not something to be sniffed at…literally.

Need help with chemical sampling system design?  See this page


We have years of chemical testing systems experience so we know which systems to use and maybe, more importantly, which ones you cant!  We can though, only do this if we know as much about the product you’re sampling as you do.  How hot is it, what is the pressure? Is it like water or is it like treacle?

The human face of sampling. Its not the most exciting of products to talk about but probably one of the few where you could come face to face with a dodgy chemical so best you sample it in the right way.

Happy to chat

We’ve done this for years so always happy to chat all things sampling. Its worth a call to say hello if nothing else. Definitely worth 15 minutes of your time to see if we can help.  We spend most of our time talking to people in the typical process industries. We do however get enquiries from all sorts of exciting companies so do get in touch , (especially if you work in Formula 1 or at a distillery or in space travel!)

Thanks for reading, so if testing chemicals is your thing then get in touch or if you know someone who might be interested then tell them about us.


…and pop over to Twitter and Instagram and say hello there too.



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