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Chemical sampling in the UK – start here

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Sampling the UK Chemical Industry in this way is sometimes known as “closed loop sampling”… In other words the taking of a sample from the process into a sealed container without exposing the product to the operator or the environment. The sampler should also safely vent the sample container with a suitable outlet because this prevents a buildup of pressure in the sample container.

When designing a closed loop sampling system the following checklist should be considered:

  1. What is the sample point identity/location/tag number
  2. What is the process liquid
  3. What is the process pressure
  4. What is the process temperature
  5. What is the ambient temperature
  6. How should the sampler ideally operate
  7. Is a suitable vent location available
  8. What is the process connection type
  9. What is the process connection size
  10. What is the required material of construction for the closed loop sampler
  11. Is an enclosure required for weather protection?
  12. Is heating required
  13. Is cooling required
  14. Is insulation required
  15. What is the required sample volume
  16. What type of sample container is required
  17. What size of sample container is required
  18. What material should the sample container be?
  19. How will the sample container be transported
  20. How will the sample be disposed of?

Chemical sampling in the UK

Sampling in the UK process industry is a daily task, important for the effectiveness of the chemical plant.  One of, if not the only action which puts the operator close to the media being produced.  So whether its a low pressure liquid sampling system, high pressure or high temperature do sampling safely with an effective sampling system such as a Dopak nitric acid sampling, better than an open pipe and tundish

Taking samples of chemical liquids in the process industry is a regular task for plant operators so its vitally important that its done as safely as possible. Ensuring that the chemical sample valve you use is fit for purpose and is in good condition should also be a regular check.  Safe sampling of chemicals starts with the right sample valve.

Sampling hazardous chemicals into an open container can be dangerour because it exposes the operator to that chemical.  It also presents a risk to the local environment. More and more chemical producers are seeking to improve the sampling equipment they use. You can prevent emissions, local contamination and even sample inaccuracy  by improving chemical sampling equipment. Install a Dopak industrial sampling system.

Safety is a necessity, not a commodity

The UK contact for Dopak is Neil Finney of Derwent James Ltd the EXCLUSIVE UK agents for Dopak sampling systems.sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company

Sampling  systems for chemicals are one of the areas of a process plant where a plant operator comes into close contact with the chemicals being processed.  Its is therefore important to reduce any potential exposure of that chemical to the person taking the sample.

Industrial sampling systems from Dopak for hazardous chemicals are installed worldwide.  Installed in all sectors of the process industry. These can be installed to a pipeline or to a tank. With a Dopak sampling system you can take a hazardous sample safely and cleanly.  No spills using septum sealed sample bottles.

Sampling of chemical liquids and gases in the process industry is described in many ways, closed loop sampling, grab sampling systems or just sample valves.  However it is described the same quality control methods should be employed to ensure not only the correct sample system is used but also it is supplied by an industry expert manufacturer.


A Dopak single coil, tube shell type chemical sampling cooler is an effective and efficient heat exchanger because its compact design makes it easy to install protecting the chemical sampling system from high temperatures.  Thus this ensures safe chemical sampling in high temperature applications. Available as a standard item from stock or or very short delivery.

Chemical sampling cooler

A simple and quick way to to contain any emissions from your existing open end chemical sampling points could be to add a Dopak sample bottle adapter (SBA). The Dopak SBA has two key benefits for you.

Our Dopak sampling systems are installed across industrial plants all over the UK and worldwide for the spot sampling of hazardous liquids and gases. Additionally Dopak systems are installed as part of your on site process analyzer.  At Derwent James Ltd we have over 20 years experience in the design of process sampling systems in the UK.

Dopak are the sampling solutions manufacturer to trust. The original and best total sampling expert manufacturer. Liquid sampling and gas sampling systems are their core business sampling of the complete range of process fluids and gases. This is the place to start to improve your sampling.

Exclusive UK representatives

Netherlands based closed loop sampling system experts Dopak are represented exclusively in the UK by Derwent James Ltd. A closed loop sampling system enables a chemical process plant operator to collect safe samples of potentially hazardous gas or liquid from industry process pipelines or process vessels. Chemical sampling in the UKsampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company

Regular or high operating and design pressures and temperatures can safely be accommodated along with difficult to sample media with high toxicity or high viscosity. Start with the Dopak experienced engineers and in the UK Neil Finney of Derwent James who has over 20 years experience in the design of closed loop chemical sampling systems.

Sampling experience matters

If you have a sample station, sampling valve or sample point on your chemical plant which needs improving then you’re in the right place.  We have over 20 years experience in chemical sampling system design. Safe, representative sampling systems for chemical liquids, gases and liquefied gases are our core business.

Pharmaceutical liquid sampling systems from Dopak are the best way to collect an emission free sample of a pharmaceutical liquid into an already sealed bottle, therefore by using the patented Dopak needle assembly the potentially hazardous liquid can pass into your sealed bottle through the septum seal in the bottle lid giving you a safe representative sample.

sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company

Dopak sampling valves and systems are a standard choice for industry.  They give you a robust and accurate way to take samples of potentially hazardous liquids without emissions and without spills. Chemical sampling in the UK

Chemical testing systems then… well, not exactly.  We can get the chemical sample into the container but we can’t test it.  That’s for your lab to do. They do the clever bit.  We just make sure the chemical sample is collected safely and accurately without any spills.

Sampling manually from open volumes of water, drums or tanks is sometimes necessary for spot sampling. Its cost effective, accurate and necessary for daily quality control.  This range of sampling tools and accessories from Dopak the world wide sampling specialists is a worthwhile addition to their range of closed vent sampling systems for hazardous liquids, gases and liquefied gases.

The logo?

Our logo – the black and white sample valve symbol represents a sampling valve or sampling system for sampling hazardous product from a pipeline for instance on your P&ID. Firstly, the white centre of the symbol represents the pipeline or the tank containing the media you wish to sample. Secondly the 3 circles and three tablets represent the sampled media.

Safe sampling in an industrial environment  must be carried out as safely as possible. Dopak industrial sampling systems are proven over the decades to be the number one choice for safe closed loop sampling of hazardous liquids and gases.

After sampling

So, you’ve taken a chemical sample, its been analyzed by the laboratory, now what?  How to dispose of the sample in a way that is safe for the environment and safe for the operator.  Well, why not just return it to the process where it came from with the superb Liquid sample recovery system from Dopak

Our safe sampling systems give industrial workers peace of mind when sampling hazardous liquids and gases.  Also safe for the environment so no spills means safe for operator and safe for the planet. Our systems are good for sampling in all sorts of industrial settings.  Chemical plants, oil refineries, pharmaceutical production facilities, energy plants, nuclear plants… we’ve even seen them on food production facilities.chemical storage tank sampling

Are chemical manufacturing companies still sampling hazardous chemicals in ‘open’ ways.  Sampling  chemical liquids with exposure to the operator and the environment when safe, simple, sampling techniques are readily available. There are many ways better than sampling with an open pipe and tundish.

Start your sampling journey here by contacting us for a no obligation discussion about how you can reduce hazardous sampling emissions and make your daily sampling safer for your operators.

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