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Chemical sample cylinder

Chemical sampling cylinder

We have an extensive range of chemical sample cylinders and they are suited for collecting samples of hazardous gases.  Our cylinders are perfect for safe transport and chromatographic laboratory analysis. The type of chemical sample cylinder we offer are available in different volumes and material of construction.

Chemical sample cylinders are used for samples with high vapour phase, gas and liquefied gas and are equipped with a needle valve on each side of the double ended sample cylinder along with a set of quick connect couplings and also a carrying handle.

A outage tube can also be included depending on the type of sampling application in which the cylinders are to be used. Additionally cylinder or bypass lines can be fitted onto the sample cylinder and overpressure protection devices such as a relief valve or a rupture disc.

External cylinder surfaces can be glass coated or coated with PTFE to provide a nonstick surface, which aids in cylinder cleaning.


Cylinder material options may include:

  • SS304 (L) (Standard)
  • SS316 (L)
  • M400 (Monel)
  • HC276 (Hastelloy)
  • I825 (Incoloy)
  • I625 (Inconel)

Cylinder types

  • Outage tube
  • Bypass line
  • Bypass line with outage tube
  • Additional safety cylinder.

Cylinder standard volumes

  • 75 cc
  • 150 cc
  • 300 cc
  • 500 cc
  • 1000 cc
  • 2250 cc
  • 1 gallon (3785 cc)

Chemical sample cylinder – standard testing

  • TPED approval
  • DOT 3A / 3E / 4B certification

Chemical sample cylinder safety advice

Preventing the sample cylinder being filled 100% with the liquid or liquefied gas can be achieved using an outage tube, expansion chamber and additional safety cylinder.

Liquids and liquefied gases are not compressible. If a completely filled sample cylinder warms up (either by the sun or when it is being transferred from a cold, outside temperature to a warm, indoor temperature), the liquid or liquefied gas will expand. This causes the pressure in the cylinder to increase rapidly, possibly to unacceptable levels.

Chemical sample cylinder – outage tube

An outage tube is a tube that is mounted into the cylinder. It creates a safe and compressible ‘gas bubble’ in the cylinder to regulate the pressure (internal outage).

Chemical sample cylinder – Expansion chamber

When using an expansion chamber, the sample cylinder is initially filled 100%. Subsequently a connection is made between the cylinder and the expansion chamber. This way, part of the liquid or liquefied gas will run into the expansion chamber, creating a safe and compressible ‘gas bubble’ in the cylinder.

Chemical sample cylinder – Additional safety cylinder

With the third method, the sample cylinder is connected to a pressure relief valve and a (small) extra cylinder (the so-called ‘piggyback’). In this case the cylinder remains completely filled. When the pressure in the cylinder increases to an unacceptable level, the over pressure valve will open and a connection is being established to the extra cylinder. This extra cylinder is filled with (compressible) air, keeping the pressure to acceptable levels.

For further information on our range of Dopak chemical sampling cylinders along with pricing and delivery details to your UK site contact us and download our Dopak chemical sample cylinder datasheet


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Chemical sample cylinder

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