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Nitric acid sampling

Here’s a great story from one of our clients up in the North East of England.  CF Fertilisers in Billingham needed to improve the safety of their nitric acid sampling.  They contacted us here at Derwent James Ltd for help. … [Continue Reading]

nitric acid sampling

Schott Duran sample bottles

Schott Duran sample bottles are clear borosilicate glass bottles, highly resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions, concentrated acids and their mixtures, chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic materials, an all-round industrial glass in all fields of applications where maximal thermal shock … [Continue Reading]

dopak sample bottles

Grab sampling systems

Sampling of chemical liquids and gases in the process industry is described in many ways, closed loop sampling, grab sampling systems or just sample valves.  However it is described the same quality control methods should be employed to ensure not … [Continue Reading]

sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company

Chemical Sample Valve

Taking samples of chemical liquids in the process industry is a regular task for plant operators so its vitally important that its done as safely as possible. Ensuring that the chemical sample valve you use is fit for purpose and … [Continue Reading]

derwent james chemical industry sampling experts

Top 20 Checklist For Selecting A Closed Loop Chemical Sampling System

What is closed loop chemical sampling? Closed loop chemical sampling is the taking of a sample from the process into a sealed container without exposing the product to the environment, then safely venting this container to a suitable outlet – … [Continue Reading]

hastelloy sampling system

Providing outstanding sampling equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.

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