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Process Safety Equipment

uk process industry safety equipment

Process safety equipment offered by Derwent James Ltd can be defined as follows;

Chemical sampling valves

Chemical sampling valves and systems are specifically designed process safety equipment. Used for the manual taking of samples of hazardous chemicals. Sampling can be done from process pipes and vessels. Often a process will require more than just a valve. Therefore a closed loop sampling system will be necessary. Particularly if the pressure or temperature exceed a safe level.

Chemical resistant hoses

Chemical resistant hoses are flexible hoses designed specifically for the safe transfer of chemicals. They are used on industrial process plants. Process safety equipment such as chemical resistant hoses should be manufactured using the correct hose material.  In addition consideration should be given to the type of end fittings.  The correct overall hose construction ensures they are compatible with the chemical being transferred.

Lockout tagout isolation

Lockout tagout process safety equipment is used for the safe isolation of mechanical machinery to ensure the machinery is properly shutoff and cannot be restarted until all people involved are safe from potential harm, particularly useful for machinery maintenance personnel.

Mechanical valve interlocks

Mechanical valve interlocks are mechanical process safety devices.  They ensure that multiple valves can only be operated in the correct sequence.  This eliminates human error.  It therefore protects people from potential harm or injury.  Additionally interlocks protect the process from incorrect operation.

Rubber expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints are flexible pipe connections. Used for direct installation into pipe systems. They can reduce vibration and reduce noise. Process safety equipment such as rubber expansion joints should always be carefully specified.  This ensures they meet the design criteria of the installation into which they are to be used.

Pressure regulating valves

Pressure regulating valves are used to accurately reduce an upstream pressure of a gas or a liquid to a lower pressure. A pressure regulator can also maintain and even control this subsequent outlet pressure within predetermined pressure limits.

Process safety equipment – specialists

Derwent James Ltd can assist in the design and specification of process safety equipment. For further details please do get in touch, our contact detail are HERE

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Providing outstanding safety equipment, consultancy and expertise for your company.
Because safety is a necessity, not a commodity

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