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Hazardous chemical sampling systems

Hazardous chemical sampling systems

The exclusive UK agent for Dopak sampling systems.

Expert suppliers of hazardous chemical sampling systems.  Dopak sampling systems for hazardous chemicals improve safety and reduce spills because they use the patented Dopak needle assembly – ask us about it.

The sampling systems from Dopak for hazardous chemicals are installed worldwide in all sectors of the process industry.  Customers can install a Dopak system to a pipeline or to a tank. With a Dopak sampling system you can take a hazardous sample safely and cleanly with no spills.

There are many types of Dopak sampling systems available. All systems are tailored to your site needs.

  • Low pressure liquid sampling system
  • High pressure liquid sampling system
  • Inline sampling system
  • Viscous liquid sampling system
  • Pipe specification sampling system
  • Vacuum sampling system
  • Gas sampling system
  • Liquefied gas sampling system
  • Sample cylinder emptying system
  • Sample recovery system

How to select the correct sampling system

We can quickly help you select the correct sampling system.  Give us a call or let us know a little about your application by email.  The type of information we will need is below;

  • Name of the media you are sampling?
  • Is it a liquid or a gas?
  • Are you sampling from a pipeline or a tank?
  • What type of connection do you have?
  • Pressure – Design and operating?
  • Temperature – operating and design?
  • How much sample do you need?

Hazardous chemical sampling systems

You could also visit the NEW Dopak sampling systems website  and download lots of useful information about Dopak sampling systems for hazardous chemicals.  Brochures and datasheets are also available.  A digital presentation of all the systems is available showing each stage of their operation.  This is called the Dopak Product selector, there’s a link to this below.

Product Selector

To help you select the correct Dopak sampling system for your application use the Dopak product selector tool by clicking the button below.  You can see information for all available systems, download datasheets and see a digital presentation for each system showing each stage of operation.

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