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Pressure regulating valves

Pressure regulating valves

Pressure regulating valves

Pressure regulating valves, control valves and pressure relief valves designed and manufactured in the UK by Presreg Valves of Loughborough.  Suitable for gas or liquid applications up to 690 bar pressure. Our valves provide accurate control for your gas or liquid application whether it requires upstream or downstream control.

Pneumatic dome loading pressure regulating valves, zero leakage isolation valves, non return valves and emergency shutdown (ESD) valves complete our scope of supply. Our comprehensive choice of performance, configuration and material options will satisfy the most demanding and arduous applications.

Pressure regulating valves – UK manufactured

Manufacture of all critical components, final assembly and testing of each individual valve is carried out at our in-house factory in Loughborough UK which is part of the JRE Precision organisation. Our pressure regulating valves experts are able to readily provide individual solutions for both your special applications and a fast turnaround of standard valves.

Pressure regulating valves and stop valves

Oxygen service valve
Oxygen service valve

Not only do we offer pressure regulating valves, we are also able to offer a range of stop valves for high pressure applications.  The Presreg Series 404 offers a range of high pressure fully balanced stop valves with a 3/4″ nominal bore.  The series 404 stop valve range provides ultimate shut off control for many liquid and gas application.  This oxygen service valve is available in port sizes from 3/4″ up to 1 1/4″ with both male and female connection options Series 404 is suitable for oxygen, hydrogen ethylene and CO2.

Pressure regulating valves – tested and certified

All our valves are individually tested and certified in our approved facilities.  Our procedures suitable for cleaning oxygen and high purity equipment. Our team of experts are ready for your enquiry.  Contact us today with your valve specification or send us details of your current valve and we will be happy to provide a competitive alternative proposal by return.

Our pressure regulating valves range includes;

  • High pressure upstream regulators
  • High pressure downstream regulators
  • High flow regulators
  • Electronic signal controlled pressure regulators
  • Pneumatic dome loading regulators
  • Pressure relief valves
  • High pressure zero leakage isolation valves
  • Pilot operated isolation and ESD valves
  • System protection and fail safe valves
  • Automatic change over valves
  • Pipeline filtration
  • Bespoke valves and system design and manufacture

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