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Mechanical valve interlocks - UK experts

Mechanical valve interlocks

Mechanical valve interlocks safely lock all sizes and types of installed valves.  Our standard interlocks are available to fit your existing valves.

Our interlocks are used for many applications. Some examples include; locking enclosures. Control panels and even machinery access gates. Using our interlocks improves safety across your site and in addition will also ensure critical valves are not operated incorrectly or by unauthorized staff.

Using an interlock will ensure valves and other critical equipment are only operated when they should be. An interlock is a relatively simple solution that can vastly improve the safety on critical installations so call us today for further information.

LINK: lever operated valve interlock

Information we need

When specifying a mechanical valve interlock we need to know the following;

  • How many valves need to be interlocked?
  • What type of valve needs to be interlocked?
  • What is the size of the valve?

When specifying a machine guarding interlock we need to know the following;

  • Details of the isolating switch
  • How many access guards need to be interlocked
  • What type of guard do you have (e.g. fully body access, partial body access).

If you need further information then just ask, we’re happy to help!

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