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Chemical resistant hoses

chemical hoses

Chemical hoses

Chemical hoses by Elaflex are lightweight, flexible and reliable.  Our chemical hoses can be used with a wide variety of different hose couplings or fittings to give you a complete hose assembly for quick installation in your factory.  All our hoses are made by experts in our German factory.

Chemical resistant hoses – lightweight and flexible

Our hoses are high quality German manufactured and are safe to use.  Elaflex chemical hoses are both flexible and lightweight and have a very long service life. Elaflex chemical resistant hoses can be used up to 16 bar pressure and comply with the EN standard 12115.  Our chemical hoses are suitable for the majority of chemical transfer applications where safety and chemical resistance are important.

Chemical resistant hoses – dry break couplings

Using our chemical resistant hoses with our hose couplings or dry disconnect couplings gives a safe, clean and spill free solution to hazardous chemical transfers. Our dry disconnect couplings are easy to handle so will save you time, they are safe and they are environmentally friendly.  But above all they are reliable.

Pharmaceutical hoses

Hoses for pharmaceutical applications are also available as standard.  The new Elaflex hose ‘Elapharm’ is accepted for installation in pharmaceutical, food and biotech installations.  Elapharm meets prEN 16820.  Elapharm is super smooth making it an ideal hose for safe transfer of many liquids, powders and even crystals.

Chemical compatibility charts

You can check which of our chemical hoses is best suited for your application by using our Chemical resistance charts then, just get in touch and ask us for a quotation or more details.

Ask us for details of our new hose called ELAPHARM – this is our NEW pharmaceutical hose for the clean transfer of pharmaceutical, biotech and food products. Email us or give Neil Finney a call directly to discuss your application.

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