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Process Safety Solutions

Process safety equipment suppliers

Safe Chemical sampling

Dopak sampling systems are used for the safe manual sampling of hazardous chemicals. Derwent James is the exclusive UK Dopak representative.

Dopak systems can be quickly installed to reduce emissions and spillages when taking samples of hazardous chemical liquids. Dopak systems are also available for the safe emission free sampling of gases and liquefied gases.

Dopak bottles, caps and septa are available on short lead times and we also have available a comprehensive spare parts list.  You can request our latest price lists via email.

Process safety equipment suppliers

In addition to our long standing partnership with Dovianus BV the manufacturer of Dopak sampling systems the other leading chemical process safety equipment suppliers we offer are mentioned below.  These partner companies are able to provide you with free expert advice on the best available equipment for your process improvement application or new project. These include;

Dopak sampling systems - UK agent

  • Elaflex – Chemical resistant hoses, hose couplings, rubber expansion joints
  • Total Lockout – Lockout tagout equipment and mechanical valve interlocks
  • JRE Precision – Pressure regulating valves and precision engineers

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How We Can Help

We can help with a number of solutions including:

Safe Chemical Sampling

Safe sampling systems and sample valves for improved safety when taking samples of hazardous chemical liquids and gases. Dopak is the industry standard for the safe, emission free sampling of liquids, gases and liquefied gases reducing spills and emissions. Dopak closed vent sampling systems enable an operator to manually take a liquid sample (into a sealed bottle) or a gas sample (into a cylinder) with zero emissions. Dopak sampling systems enable closed vent sampling from process lines, reactors and storage tanks. Dopak systems are used worldwide for the safe, emission free sampling in the petrochemical, chemical, oil & gas and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Flexible Fluid Transfer

Safe, flexible & lightweight hose assemblies for the spill free transfer of hazardous fluids. Chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas applications all proven applications complete with industry standard hose couplings, dry break couplings and safety hose breakaways. Complete fluid transfer solutions delivered to site fully assembled and tested ready for use. Hoses according to EN 12115, made in Germany are top quality, reliable, and engineered for a proven solution which sets the standard for safe fluid transfer up to 16 bar nominal operating pressure. Our flexible solutions also include hose assemblies to DIN 26055-3 for use in pharmaceutical and biotech industries and rubber expansion joints for direct installation into pipe systems to reduce noise and vibration.

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Pressure Regulating Valves

Pressure regulating, pressure relief and control valves, designed, manufactured and supplied up to operating pressures of 690 bar pressure. The comprehensive choice of performance, configuration and material options available satisfy the most demanding and arduous applications for international companies involved in the medical, scientific, off shore and sub-sea sectors. Manufacture of all critical components and the in-house assembly and testing of all valves ensures both standard and individual bespoke solutions for special applications can be achieved within short lead times. Valves are individually tested and certified with approved facilities and procedures for cleaning oxygen and high purity equipment.

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Mechanical Valve Interlocks

Mechanical valve interlocks preventing the inadvertent, accidental or unauthorised operation of valves on critical processes. Our experts will ensure a robust design to protect against both vandalism and deliberate systems violations.

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Lockout Tagout Safety

Ensuring the safety of all site maintenance workers with safe, effective and reliable machinery isolation. The integrity of any lockout isolation system depends upon both the type of padlock you select and the good management of the key differ system employed on site to ensure key duplication is virtually impossible. Using multi lock hasps can ensure multiple workers can be protected all using their own padlock. Electrical lockout, key cabinets, lockout boxes, cable lockout, car seals and valve lockout are solutions available to complete your lockout tagout system.

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